Changes in consumer behavior, the emergence of large and powerful rivals, excess retail-selling-space capacity, consolidated and strong suppliers, and complex sourcing are shaping a new competitive landscape in retailing. From customers and competitors to strategies to organization and operations, Fusion’s retailing experts help clients address all the key ingredients of performance improvement.

We strongly emphasize hands-on implementation and change-management capabilities. We often “live in the stores” to ensure that our strategies can be executed in the real world. We co-design customized solutions with our clients, prioritizing initiatives that will bring the most value to consumers while minimizing the costs of implementation. Our approach to format strategy and renewal combines new tools, processes, and insights tied to rigorous economics to help retailers reshape their formats based on customer insights; maximize the profitability and speed to market of their format investments; and sustain the lifecycles of their formats through continuous renewal. We are hands on in defining the current issues, designing an infrastructure that works, and delivering the new format using principles from world-class manufacturing to optimize return on invested capital, staging rollouts based on client capabilities and customer acceptance, and hard-wiring organizational changes to drive continuous improvement.

We consult for food retailers (hypermarkets/supercenters, supermarkets, and convenience stores); specialty players such as apparel, do-it-yourself, and consumer electronics retailers; department stores; restaurants; mail-order/online players; and private-equity companies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Format Strategy & Renewal
  • Lean Retailing
  • Marketing & Customer Experience
  • Merchandising & Category Management
  • Multichannel
  • Organization
  • Pricing & Promotions
  • Retail Technology
  • Sourcing & Supplier Management
  • Strategy & Growth


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