Many major change efforts do not succeed. Our experience is that the root causes of failure are rarely unique. There are some common pitfalls that, in most cases of failure, were simply not attended to sufficiently:

  • Insufficient knowledge and understanding of the facts and key constraints
  • Lack of engagement and alignment of the senior team
  • Managing the effort like a set of initiatives versus an integrated program
  • Forgetting to go slightly slower, to go a lot faster
  • Forgetting the customer
  • Targeting too much of the benefit to occur in the out-years
  • Lack of transparency and clear ownership of milestones / targets
  • Organizational issues such as change management, culture, and capabilities not addressed head on

Leading a transformation requires specific and acute focus on avoiding these pitfalls. It also requires rising above the management level to inspire the organization in the case for change and to lead them through it. But, this is not a black art: armed with the knowledge of what is required and the pitfalls, a committed management team can and will succeed.

We work diligently with CEOs to help drive significant, accelerated change. We address what the change required is internally: how to motivate our clients’ teams, how to ensure ownership and commitment, and how to make sure the efforts are translated into real results.


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