We support private and public sector clients in tackling resource risks and enhancing their performance through higher resource productivity and a lower environmental footprint. We advise companies on how to capture emerging opportunities in energy, water, waste, and land use and how to harness the potential of clean technologies to create smarter systems, new jobs, and competitive advantage. We help governments to incorporate sustainability into their long-term economic growth plans, supporting the welfare and prosperity of their people and protecting the natural environment.

Our experienced team members are working full-time to support ongoing client cases, connect our employees, build new knowledge, and develop our unique point of view on specific topics within sustainability. Our internal knowledge base and network are comparable to those of some of the leading universities, and we are continuously learning by helping clients around the world.

Fusion services:
Basic materials and energy companies
We work with mining companies, oil companies, chemicals producers, and utilities to reshape business models, enhance regulatory strategies, introduce more resource-efficient new technologies, manage environmental liabilities, and make step-change improvements in operational resource productivity.

High-tech engineering companies
We support engineering companies in building clean technology businesses, optimizing R&D portfolios, shaping regulatory strategies, developing financing arms, and introducing energy- and resource-efficient production processes.

Consumer companies
We help consumer goods producers develop new green products and implement transformation programs to increase resource productivity and sustainability throughout their supply chains.

Financial institutions
We advise banks, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, and private equity firms on investment opportunities in sustainable businesses and clean technologies. We also help clients analyze their exposure to resource risk, including regulatory and carbon risk.

Multilateral organizations
We serve multilateral bodies on issues ranging from low-emissions growth to energy access and clean technology to international financing mechanisms.

Philanthropic organizations
We work with many philanthropic organizations to address global challenges such as promoting sustainable agriculture and fishing, reducing deforestation, and responding to climate change.

We help implement programs covering infrastructure, transport, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste and water. We help develop national strategies to reduce emissions, pursue green growth, address land use and food supply challenges, adapt to climate change, and transform water supplies.


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