Over the past 15 years, multinational companies have entered rapidly developing economies (RDEs) to achieve cost advantages and expand their customer base—mainly targeting customers at the top of the wealth pyramid. They have not, however, extracted the full value of their investments.

Today, multinationals find themselves increasingly challenged by RDE-based companies entering the global scene and vying for leadership. And some of the challengers are likely to emerge stronger post-economic-crisis, benefiting from their home market growth, low-cost advantage, and opportunistic acquisitions.

Despite their slowdown, the RDEs will remain an important growth engine for many multinationals. But companies will need to contend with a new set of growth and competitive dynamics as the RDEs respond to the crisis. At the same time, leveraging the RDEs for cost savings has become more complex in the new global environment.

We help clients achieve global competitive advantage by capturing opportunities arising in and from the RDEs. We support both industry leaders from developed countries and fast-growing companies from the RDEs on a wide range of issues:

Capturing growth organically and through partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions

Leveraging the advantages of RDEs on a global scale, in areas such as R&D, sourcing, production, and business-process offshoring

Engaging with the emerging strong players from the RDEs

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